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01. Legal welfare and benefits system

National Pension, Industrial accident insurance, National Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Retirement pension

02. Our special welfare and benefits system

⊙ Workers'residence providedResidence provided for the employees living in long distance.

⊙ Children's financial aidFull support for the regular middle and high school tuition fees of employees' children

⊙ Contest supportCongratulations and condolences paid in case of congratulations and condolences by the employee family

⊙ Long-term worker supportLong-term workers are rewarded by years of service

⊙ Excellent Employee AwardSelected as an excellent employee of the city affairs and rewards

⊙ Award for best improvementAwarded for excellent improvement cases that have been promoted and applied for one year to create tangible and intangible added value

⊙ Commuter bus supportCommuter bus support for employee convenience from work to work

⊙ Home aid supportNew Year's and Chuseok holidays are supported by returning homes by years of service

⊙ Sports competition supportSupport regular athletic competitions to promote harmony among employees

⊙ Fellowship supportClub support to help hobbies and friendships between employees (Join exciting clubs and try exciting activities)

⊙ Regular health checkupsFor health management of im and employees, examinations are conducted under the National Health Insurance Act

⊙ License acquisition and language supportSelf-satisfaction through personal self-development and qualitative growth of human resources