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01. Salary system

Total Salary = Monthly wage + Bpnus + Incentive

02. Promotion system

Position&Vested years

* Assistant Manager - 3Years
* Manager - 4Years
* Deputy General Manager - 5Years
* General Manager - 5Years

⊙ People who hold undergraduate diploma and completed military service
⊙ Special promotion is decided based on the performance evaluation.

03. Training system

⊙ Training for new employees
The process of systematically fostering the necessary corporate culture, job knowledge, and basic abilities as an organizational member to cultivate experts with expertise and morality

⊙ Business Management Education
This course is designed to cultivate the basic skills necessary to perform an effective role in the organization, and to cultivate skills such as problem solving and decision-making counseling skills, which are core competencies required for our employees.

⊙ Job training
Job training is a diversified and in-depth training course for the purpose of acquiring professional knowledge or skills required in practical fields such as information technology (IT), R & D, production technology, QC, sales, purchasing, cost, personnel, finance / accounting, etc.

⊙ Self-development support
It refers to the process of setting goals for self-development according to the task, interest, or performance of the task and then achieving the goals set by the team or individual units using the given learning support. Education and cyber education.